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Hi! My name is Lauren, and I'm the creator of the Havala brands. Inspiration first started with my jewelry shop, Havala Jewelry. Then, I began to dream bigger, and created The Havala Shop, where I sell handmade and personalized gifts! 

Havala (huh-vay-luh) comes from my name! 

The 'Ha' comes from my last name, Hazard. 

'Va' is from my middle name, Eva.

'La' is from my first name, Lauren!

Thus, my unique brand name 'Havala' was born!

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My name is Lauren, and I'm the creator of the Havala brand. I'm currently the one and only worker at my shop. I'm in my 20's, I'm married to my wonderful husband, David. We have two fur-babies at home, our Flame-Point Siamese kitties, Daisy and Lily.

I design and handmake all of my pieces! You can be rest assured that all of my items are made with care and love, and are great quality! I pride myself in making sure that the products I sell aren't cheaply made, or made with any shortcuts. I want my customers to enjoy cute and long-lasting products! 

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